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Family Farms Naturally is the home of GourmetFoodsNaturally which include our Beef Naturally, SteakBurgerNaturally and Chevon Naturally brands - simply the finest grass fed (Angus) Beef and (Boer goat) Chevon  — naturally! 

Custom Grown
and Processed:
only $6.45 lb

BeefNaturally sides of beef (150 - 320lbs) which include the best of the beef:  T-bone steaks, rib eye steaks, porter house, sirloin, NY strip, chuck roasts, grill-perfect hamburger meat and more!
Price includes aging, vacuum pack, flash freeze and delivery to selected locations in the Fort Worth area.

SteakBurger Naturally:
$6.85 lb!

Grill Maestro's Delight - SteakBurgerNaturally is 100% lean, ground, grass-fed beef naturally =
NO mystery meat! No Pink Slime or solutions ever!

SteakBurgerNaturally is not stored on a shelf for months or even weeks; we custom process, trim, & age to order! You get the freshest, leanest, naturally healthy beef steak burger from the best of the beef – naturally!  only $6.85Lb.

Limited quantities available. All orders filled in order of receipt and deposit.

For further information or to request a quote, please contact us at:

Chevon Naturally - Goat meat, the other healthy and delicious meat for BBQ, roasts, stews and versatile goat-burger! $6.85 lb.

Family Farms Naturally is a Texas producer of Certified Naturally Grown organic and naturally grown gourmet vegetables, culinary herbs and the finest grass fed beef and chevon - Naturally! 

Our herds are pampered and pastured in lush grass, fresh air, sunshine and enjoy crystal clear water. The results are lean, high quality meat that is highly nutritious (high in CLA, Omega 3, and protein) and has an excellent flavor.  Gourmet Foods Naturally means that our family farm is devoted to organic and natural methods in order to produce the healthy and gourmet foods - Naturally!.  Enjoy Beef Naturally and Chevon Naturally from a healthy, chemical free environment:

  • No hormones!
  • No pesticides!                              No Mystery Meat Zone!
  • No steroids!
  • No feed lots!                               
  • No crowding!
  • No cruelty!  
Gourmet produce and our chef's select culinary herbs are carefully raised using organic methods on our family farm. Plants are irrigated with pure rain and chemical free well water – naturally!

Share sides or quarters with friends, family or stock up your freezer and save with bulk purchase.  Price includes aged side or quarter.  We then custom process, package and flash freeze for delivery or pick-up depending on location & order. 

The discerning chef and gourmand alike will enjoy fresh, healthy beef (Angus) & chevon (healthy, tasty goat) of the finest quality (we offer Cabrito, young, tender goat) for any occasion) all at a surprisingly low cost due to our custom grown to order system. 

For additional information and custom processing order forms,email:

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